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eSport LONDON 

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As the World battles through Covid-19  we must all keep strong and self distancing seems to assist the Health Services in our respective Countries .Afterwards however we all work together to help those that have suffered and will continue to suffer for many years to come .​

The poor will need to be looked after especially both to live and to educate themselves to a better position in life.

eSports is already world wide in its teams , players and structure and the enjoyment eSports give people is vast .We as an industry can do more as we can work as a diplomatic force for good .eSports is an industry that can gel people and countries for good. Now is the time we need to show the World what we can do.

​Many within the industry raise funds for many good projects .We can and must build on this and as an industry it would give us a voice to show what we can achieve now and in the future.