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eSport LONDON 

‚ÄčAs esports in now developing into an industry of its own and is world wide so the infrastructure ,careers, jobs and the companies to support the whole industry evolve.

It is still in flux and a bit like the wild west in its development but like all new industries it will find its own level.

Because it is developing a career path we must push the fact a career is developing to schools ,the government , career advisors and parents . We are part of the leisure industry and 

that must also recognise the growth potential.

As the world seems to going into a protectionist mode we need to build ,as part of the infrastructure , experts that keep up to date on visa applications and people movement for major and international competitions .

To inhibit top players and the infrastructure behind them will only hold back the potential of the growth via marketing and cash projections of investments of the future.

investing in esports