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Dying Light Game Review By Tyler Mourelle:

Do you want a game where you have to survive a zombie apocalypse in a fictional place called Harran while fighting control freak maniacs by yourself or up to 4 players of your choice?

Well Dying Light is a multiplayer game that consists of three main things; surviving a zombie apocalypse by crafting your own weapons and completing missions, fighting control freak maniacs and finally absolutely destroying zombies.

Dying Light is an open world, first person game where you have to survive in a dystopian future. You are delivered to the island by the GRE who give you the mission to try and find the cure and put an end to the pathogen that has been released and cause the outrage. However your never alone you are always among zombies and corrupted groups of people who will fight at anything to get the supplies needed for basic survival. You also are apart of a group who try and survive and you help them throughout your journey, and in return they give you locations to safe houses dotted around the map and a dedicated shop that sells items at a slightly lower cost that normal shops, they are also the people give you most of your missions after the GRE betrays you. It has a dynamic day and night cycle and the game is totally dependent on the choices and missions you wish to do. Also depending by the time of day, the game drastically changes; throughout the daytime it is what you expect, normal zombies that are basic and easy to kill and generally no threat at all, until night comes… then the game changes drastically and all hell breaks loose, nocturnal, parkour running, virtually unlimited health zombies known as nightcrawlers come out to play. You instantly turn from a god into a worthless ant, and the only way you will have a chance to kill these nightcrawlers is by crafting the most elite weapons by using upgrades given to you by completing missions or by exploring the open world.

There are hundreds of weapons to choose from and to make which can vary from chair legs with nails to a golden semi automatic shotgun or dark machete with fire, electricity and poison upgrades on it. However there is a catch, to get these awesome weapons you have to go out and find the upgrades for them in the massive open world and do missions for certain people in the game that require items to do so or can only be done at certain times in the day.

This game can be played seriously by hardcore players who are looking for a hard yet enjoyable time but can be also played by people just looking for fun with friends or wanting to kill some zombies, due there being different difficulty modes. There is also a dedicated part of the game where you can become one of the night crawlers and destroy your friends, or random people playing in the world, while they try and destroy the zombie nests planted around the map and vice versa.

The game also takes place in real world activities such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas, so limited items come out and you have to do special missions to get the items. Last Easter there was a community event where 3145504 eggs had to be found to get the special outfit.

It is an old game itself, however this does not mean it is not a quality game; it was planned to come out on xbox 360 and ps3 but because of hardware limitations due to the game being so in depth and having beautiful graphics it was cancelled and came out on the 27th of January 2015 for ps4 and xbox one. Furthermore updates are still coming out and bringing awesome new content such as new weapons, missions and a whole new dlc with cars and a whole new area to explore. The latest update came out on the 29th March 2018 which brought new weapons and a new side mission todo.

Not to mention, because the game has done so well on the market and is still being played by millions today, Techland have announced a number 2 will be coming out soon this year in 2018.

Overall this game is an absolute blast if you want to mess around with your friends in an open world while killing zombies or it can be a very serious game where you have to concentrate to get to the very top and dominate the open world from the zombies and the “control freak maniacs” that roam the dystopian apocalyptic future.

Thanks Tyler Mourelle

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