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LONDON GAMES FESTIVAL is back from 5th to 15th APRIL 2018 http://www.Games.London/

An Independent review came out this week (Sept 2018 )recommending more money to be invested.  £27 million to be exact.

in eSports and gaming.

We all know that this is needed but in the U.K. we need a structured career path and  eSports Academies to train and educate present and prospective gamers.

Skills have to be learnt and passed on for the games industry to establish itself  and grow.

Although the U.K. seems to be a little behind in gaming it can grow fast with the right sort of infrastructure.

We must all have an input and we must all do our  very best to support gaming going forward.

We must however keep gaming on the right path for it to be successful and strong and not let it run away with its' self.

B)  The eSport Team LONDON SPITFIRE is playing soon in a major competition  called the Overwatch League in Burbank California and if they win it will mark the growth of eSports in the U.K.

Mr Challoner with the support of Cloud9 is looking to establish its growth in Londonby building a dedicated eSports Arena to seat between 500 and 2000 spectators.

More eSports news to follow.

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